Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tortillos Corn Snack

Once in a while, I'm craving for salty foods and one of the foods that satisfies my craving for salty food is this Tortillos Barbeque Flavored Corn Snack.

I love this Tortillos Corn Snack since I was in high school.  So thin, crispy and delicious.  Yes, I know this is a junk food but it won't hurt if once in a while we indulge in this so-called "unhealthy foods".

The best partner for this Tortillos Corn Snack is Coca-Cola, their flavor just compliment each other that they are so perfect as snacks for all occasions but since I'm limiting my intake of sodas and colas, I just partnered this small pack of Tortillos with pineapple juice.  Hmmm ... yummy ... I just love the flavor of Tortillos Barbecue Flavored Corn Snack.

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