Friday, November 25, 2011

Cherifer Forte Syrup

Hubby and I came from a family with "not so tall" genes ... at least we are taller than our parents ... so most probably our children will just be a little taller than us ... but wait a minute ... I have seen this brand of food supplement that claims to have a height booster formula so I did not hesitate to try this to my children.

The food supplement I'm referring to is this Cherifer Forte Syrup,  manufactured by Gruppo Medica, Inc.

As per their package information, Cherifer Forte Syrup contains double strength Chlorella Growth Factor, a growth promoting and cell nourishing substance that is rich in nucleic acids that serve as building blocks for growth.  Cherifer Forte Syrup also has Taurine which help in the mental and visual development of children, L-Lysine which enhances appetite and gives energy to the body and now it's fortified with zinc which helps build a stronger immune system and increased body resistance against diseases.

Cherifer Forte Syrup has an orange flavor which my children loves.

My children are taking this food supplement for less than one year now and they'll continue to take this supplement until the age of 12.  With proper diet, exercise and with the help of Cherifer Forte Syrup, I hope they'll grow taller, smarter and free from diseases.

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