Friday, November 18, 2011

Pediafortan AS Syrup - Appetite Stimulant

Two months ago, my son got sick.  He had cough and runny nose that he can't sleep well and his appetite decreased.  In a matter of just a few days his weight decreased by two kilos.

My son's normal weight was just right for his age and height so when he lost almost two kilos, his pediatrician prescribed Pediafortan AS syrup, a multivitamins with appetite stimulant.  This is to make him eat more so he can regain his normal weight.

Pediafortan AS has an orange flavor which my son loves so I had no problem in giving him this multivitamins.

After a week of taking Pediafortan AS, my son's weight returned to normal, his appetite was more than normal ... it seems that he was always hungry ... good thing he is also active that's why he had maintained his normal weight.

The doctor recommended this vitamins for only two months so I'll just have my son consume this vitamins and give him back the vitamins he was taking before. I'm afraid that because of his increased appetite, he would gain more weight which is not also normal for his age and height.

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