Friday, November 25, 2011

Cherifer Forte Syrup

Hubby and I came from a family with "not so tall" genes ... at least we are taller than our parents ... so most probably our children will just be a little taller than us ... but wait a minute ... I have seen this brand of food supplement that claims to have a height booster formula so I did not hesitate to try this to my children.

The food supplement I'm referring to is this Cherifer Forte Syrup,  manufactured by Gruppo Medica, Inc.

As per their package information, Cherifer Forte Syrup contains double strength Chlorella Growth Factor, a growth promoting and cell nourishing substance that is rich in nucleic acids that serve as building blocks for growth.  Cherifer Forte Syrup also has Taurine which help in the mental and visual development of children, L-Lysine which enhances appetite and gives energy to the body and now it's fortified with zinc which helps build a stronger immune system and increased body resistance against diseases.

Cherifer Forte Syrup has an orange flavor which my children loves.

My children are taking this food supplement for less than one year now and they'll continue to take this supplement until the age of 12.  With proper diet, exercise and with the help of Cherifer Forte Syrup, I hope they'll grow taller, smarter and free from diseases.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Peotraco Muscovado Sugar

It's been a while since I stopped using white sugar or refined sugar to sweeten our coffee, freshly squeezed juice, champorado and oatmeal, instead I use muscovado which is a healthy, unrefined sugar made from sugarcane.

I knew about this muscovado when I was still small because it was commonly used for native delicacies in our province ... my mother also used this to sweeten the salabat (boiled ginger) which I really liked.  When I transferred here in Manila many years ago, I haven't seen any muscovado sold in the market but early this year I saw this Peotraco Muscovado in the grocery store and I did not hesitate to buy a pack although the price is almost double than that of the refined sugar ... later on I discovered that it is more economical to use because you just need a little to sweeten your coffee or juice.

So what's good about this muscovado ... well as I have mentioned, this is an unrefined sugar made from sugarcane and since it is unrefined, it retains the many essential vitamins and minerals found in sugarcane which makes it more nutritious.  As per studies sugarcane has a lot of health benefits.

Muscovado has a very strong flavor, a little sticky and is dark in color because of the high content of molasses and the children were against its flavor before but with constant use, they learned to love this muscovado taste especially with freshly squeezed calamansi juice.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Pediafortan AS Syrup - Appetite Stimulant

Two months ago, my son got sick.  He had cough and runny nose that he can't sleep well and his appetite decreased.  In a matter of just a few days his weight decreased by two kilos.

My son's normal weight was just right for his age and height so when he lost almost two kilos, his pediatrician prescribed Pediafortan AS syrup, a multivitamins with appetite stimulant.  This is to make him eat more so he can regain his normal weight.

Pediafortan AS has an orange flavor which my son loves so I had no problem in giving him this multivitamins.

After a week of taking Pediafortan AS, my son's weight returned to normal, his appetite was more than normal ... it seems that he was always hungry ... good thing he is also active that's why he had maintained his normal weight.

The doctor recommended this vitamins for only two months so I'll just have my son consume this vitamins and give him back the vitamins he was taking before. I'm afraid that because of his increased appetite, he would gain more weight which is not also normal for his age and height.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Corelle Dinnerware Set

I had a chance to use a Corelle plate when I visited my husband's cousin. 

I was amazed because Corelle plates are lightweight with simple yet elegant designs.  It is also easy to clean because food particles especially rice doesn't stick to the plate.

From then on, I have this desire to own a set of Corelle dinnerware.  I checked on Corelle products at department stores and online stores and it cost more than the ordinary dinnerwares ... costs more that it did not fit my budget so I did not push through on buying a Corelle dinnerware that time.

Last September, we went to S&R membership shopping at Fort Bonifacio Global City because it was their last grand sale for this year.  I spotted this "buy-one-take-one" offer for a 16 piece Corelle dinnerware set for 6,499.50 pesos (approx. 152 US Dollars).  Hubby agreed to buy the Corelle dinnerware sets and I was happy because at last, we are using this stylish square Corelle Vitrelle Glass Dinnerware. 

The plates and bowls are made of glass and the mugs are made of porcelain.  Compared to other dinnerwares, even if we bought these items at sale prices, it is still pricey but it is all worth it.