Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Peotraco Muscovado Sugar

It's been a while since I stopped using white sugar or refined sugar to sweeten our coffee, freshly squeezed juice, champorado and oatmeal, instead I use muscovado which is a healthy, unrefined sugar made from sugarcane.

I knew about this muscovado when I was still small because it was commonly used for native delicacies in our province ... my mother also used this to sweeten the salabat (boiled ginger) which I really liked.  When I transferred here in Manila many years ago, I haven't seen any muscovado sold in the market but early this year I saw this Peotraco Muscovado in the grocery store and I did not hesitate to buy a pack although the price is almost double than that of the refined sugar ... later on I discovered that it is more economical to use because you just need a little to sweeten your coffee or juice.

So what's good about this muscovado ... well as I have mentioned, this is an unrefined sugar made from sugarcane and since it is unrefined, it retains the many essential vitamins and minerals found in sugarcane which makes it more nutritious.  As per studies sugarcane has a lot of health benefits.

Muscovado has a very strong flavor, a little sticky and is dark in color because of the high content of molasses and the children were against its flavor before but with constant use, they learned to love this muscovado taste especially with freshly squeezed calamansi juice.

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