Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Acuvue Clear Soft Contact Lenses

Acuvue three pairs in one pack
I had been wearing soft contact lenses for a long time now and so far I have tried different brands of contact lenses available in the market.

One of the brands I tried was Acuvue Clear contact lenses.  This brand of contact lenses is recommended for one month use (of course you have to take off your contact lens every night) but as usual, I used a pair for more than one month.  I change to a new pair of contact lenses once my eyes feel uncomfortable with the old one and usually it is one or two weeks longer than the recommended length of use.  

Of all the contact lenses I tried, Acuvue Clear contact lenses is the thinnest.  It’s so thin that sometimes it is hard to handle, it keeps on wiggling whenever I try to put it on.  Most of all because Acuvue Clear contact lenses is so thin, it easily sticks to my eyes whenever my eyes get dry making it hard to take off and irritating my eyes in the process.  So it is advisable to always wet your eyes regularly if you wear this brand of contact lenses.

The price of Acuvue Clear contact lenses is cheaper than other brands.  I got mine for 785 pesos for three pairs.  I usually get this brand whenever I get short of the regular contact lenses that I use before my scheduled yearly eye check-up.

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