Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Organikka Care Products

Organic products are popular nowadays that more products are being labeled as organic ... maybe the reason is that people are now aware of the health benefits these organic products are offering.

Speaking of organic products, a friend introduced me to Organikka, a local manufacturer of organic products from Binan, Laguna.  Organikka's main products are organic vegetable juice and now they are also producing organic body care products.  I was interested with their body care products with moringa extracts.  I'm well aware that moringa or malunggay in filipino is a nutrient rich vegetable and I love it as food so my curiosity hit me when I saw Organikka soap, hair and body wash and conditioner.

I love the fresh scent of Organikka soap and most of all, after several days of using it on my face, my pimple scars lightened.  I continued using it and I noticed that I am pimple free during my period ...  it was already normal for me to have pimples before and during my period.  A bar of Organikka soap is 75 pesos but with the effect on my face, it's worth it.  Anyway a bar lasts for a long time because it doesn't melt easily.

I also tried Moringa hair and body wash and conditioner but I think the formula doesn't match my hair type.  I had hair fall and my hair was not easy to manage so I stopped using it.  The hair and body wash is 150 pesos for a 250 mL packaging and the conditioner is 180 pesos for the smallest packaging available.

Organikka's Moringa hair and body wash and conditioner.
If you are into organic products, give Organikka care products a try ... you may find products which are compatible with your skin or hair type.

Organikka products are available at Cash and Carry Mall at Makati City, South Supermarket at Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa City and at Humana Wellness Center at Tagaytay-Paseo Road at Sta. Rosa City.

For more information on Organikka products, click here for their flyers.

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