Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit
Dragon fruit is now a common display in fruit sections of supermarkets.  I have read a lot about the nutritional value of this fruit which includes vitamin C, phosphorous, calcium, fiber and antioxidants but I haven’t tasted this fruit yet.  Frankly, I don’t even know how to eat it.

Yesterday, finally I was able to buy one dragon fruit which cost 33 pesos.  The fruit was already cut into two with the outer covering still on.  I don’t know which part is edible but common sense dictates that the inside flesh is edible.

Dragon fruit is a little slimy.  It is not so sweet … it tastes like water with a little sugar in it but it is soft to the bite and the small seeds are crunchy.  I don’t find it delicious and it has an aftertaste but it is tolerable.

I made a smoothie with half of the dragon fruit, added yoghurt and honey … it was perfect although my kids won’t try it.  I hope their taste buds mature soon and that they will be adventurous enough to try foods which are new to them.

Dragon Fruit cut in half
Dragon fruit smoothie

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