Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fucithalmic 1% Ophthalmic Drops

5 mg Fucithalmic Ophthalmic Drops
Fucithalmic (generic name Fusidic Acid) ophthalmic drops is an antibacterial eye drop manufactured by LEO Pharmaceutical Products of Denmark and is locally distributed by Zuellig Pharmaceutical Corporation.

My five year old son was diagnosed with conjunctivitis popularly known as sore eyes and the ophthalmologist prescribed Fucithalmic ophthalmic drops for him.  It would be a one week treatment with one drop two times a day application.

The content is not watery as what my perception of an eye drop is.  Instead it’s a little creamy but not that thick so it’s still easy to drop.  Fucithalmic stings a little because every time I try to apply it on my son’s eyes, he feels uncomfortable.  He is already on his third day of medication and so far the swelling and the redness subsides a little.

Fucithalmic is a prescription drug so you need a doctor’s prescription before you can buy it.  A 5 grams tube is available in drug stores and it costs 458.50 pesos at Mercury Drug Store.

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