Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Combat Roach Killer

Several months ago, we have a problem with cockroaches inside our cupboards and cabinets.  The children were really freaking out whenever they see cockroaches no matter how small these roaches are.

We tried different types of insect killer ... we tried the chalk type and the spray type and they just seem to be effective for just a few days and after that, cockroaches are there again.

One time, we were looking for a new insect killer at ACE Hardware when we found this Combat Roach Killer.  The formula is specifically for roaches and since our problem is on roaches, we did not hesitate to buy this product.

Combat Roach Killer is a gel type roach killer which according to its label attracts roaches in search of food and once these roaches ingest the gel, they return to their nest and die there ... no wonder we don't see any dead roaches inside our cabinets and cupboards.

It's been months since my husband applied the gel at certain locations and until now roaches are nowhere to be found inside our cabinets and cupboards.  Combat Roach Killer is really effective and it lasts for a long time.

Combat Roach Killer is also easy to apply since it is contained in a syringe type container so you just have to remove the cap at the tip then depress the plunger to apply the gel.  Once you are done, just return the cap and store it in a dry and safe place which is out of reach of children and pets.

Combat Roach Killer is a product made in the USA and it is priced higher than other insect killer available in the market.  The 30g packaging we bought (shown on the picture) costs 399.75 pesos but since it's really effective, it is worth it, besides one packaging is good for many more applications so we can still use it for a long, long time.

We are thankful to have found this product, the problem with cockroaches is now left in the past.

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