Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Safeguard Antibacterial Soap

I was using Safeguard as bath soap since I was young and I can say that my skin has gotten used to its formula so when I got married and have kids I try to protect my family against diseases brought about by bacteria by regularly using it as bath soap and hand soap.

Lately, there have been a lot of antibacterial soap available in the market that I was tempted to try these other brands.  Actually, we are already okay with the protection provided by Safeguard but just to satisfy my curiosity I tried other brands.

At first, there was no problem using other brands of bath soap but later on my son developed some rashes on his hands and legs, those skin part at the back of the joints.  I thought it will just heal after a few days but I was wrong.  The rashes kept on spreading so I decided to stop using the new brand of bath soap we were using and went back to Safeguard.  After a day, the rashes started to dry and was gone after few more days.  Now, I have proven that Safeguard is really tough on germs but mild on the skin so I don't have to experiment on other antibacterial soap.

Safeguard antibacterial soap has a lot of scent which are now available in the market but whatever scent we choose, it still gives us the same protection that we get from the original scent.  For now, we are using this Safeguard white with a touch of Aloe.  I bought this at S&R Membership Shopping at Bonifacio Global City last weekend and I was happy because it was on a buy one take one promo.

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