Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jewel in the Palace Kimchi

We learned from one of National Geographic shows that Korean Kimchi is one of the healthiest foods available today.  We never tasted Kimchi before so we decided to try one.

There are a lot of Kimchi brands available in the market and it's really hard to choose on what brand to pick so we just bought one small pack for a start. We haven't eaten Kimchi before so we were not sure if we will like it.

Eating Kimchi for the first time is not that bad, I liked its mixed of flavors although the first brand we bought was too sour.  We have tried several brands until we found the  right brand which suits our taste. 

Of all the Kimchi brands we tried, this Jewel in the Place Kimchi had tamed our taste buds.  The blend of flavors just suits us, not so hot, not so sweet and not so sour.  There's just a balance of flavor.

We always see to it that we don't run out of stock of this Kimchi in our refrigerator.  Just perfect for fried or grilled meat and rice.

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