Sunday, December 12, 2010

Healthy By Choice – Book Review

The book Healthy by Choice was written by Cynthia Llantada, a breast cancer survivor who tried and successfully battled her disease through alternative medicine.  In this book, the author recounts how she survived the deadly disease in just 14 months after being diagnosed of having a stage 3 breast cancer.  What is more interesting is that, she battled the disease without undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.  

The author emphasized the importance of knowing the root cause of her disease, changed habits that contributed to her poor health and seek professional help from doctors practicing both conventional and alternative medicine.  Among the alternative medicine she applied are reflexology, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, use of herbal supplements, nutrition therapy, water purification and the use of scalar-energy enhanced products such as pendants to re-calibrate the “voltage” of her body’s cells.

The book is easy to read with fonts being so friendly for the eyes and since it’s a really interesting subject, you can finish the book in just one sitting. 

The author being the patient herself made the book so easy to understand that even someone who has no knowledge in medical terms can easily absorb what she is trying to say.  The book is full of information complete with a bibliography where she listed all the sources of her research and suggestions for further reading.   Tips on how to maintain a healthy body and list of foods that have healing properties are also included. 

This is a very good read not only for people diagnosed with cancer or other diseases but for all people who wants to stay healthy and wants to try alternative approach in maintaining a healthy body.

Reading this book made me more aware of my overall health.  It made me realize that our health should not be taken for granted and should be taken care only once we are afflicted with a disease.  Being healthy is our day to day responsibility to our body, feed it well, be anxious of what we’re eating, treat it well, pay attention to what our body is trying to tell us, minor discomforts may mean that we have to slow down and have a much needed rest.

We should always remember that there are no spare parts for our body, so an ounce of prevention is always better than cure.

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