Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Abe Restaurant - Bonifacio Global City Branch

Me and my friends were strolling at Serendra, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig looking for a place to eat when we spotted Abe Restaurant.  The restaurant is new to us and we really have no idea what this restaurant is all about but standing just few meters away from the entrance, we can smell the inviting aroma of food served inside and we just can't resist the temptation of going inside to try what they have to offer.

Looking at their menu book, we discovered that they served Filipino cuisine.  There are lots of foods to choose from, some of them we haven't tasted or heard of so we decided to try some but I was a little disappointed because the Paco Fern and tomato salad which I wanted to try was not available but they served us burong mangga (green mango preserved in brine)instead and that was for free. It was also my first time to try sinigang na bangus belly in ripe guava(boiled milkfish belly with ripe guava to make the soup taste a little sour)and ripe tamarind shake.  We also ordered calamares thinking that it was a deep-fried squid slices coated with flour but instead it was sauteed squid with it's black ink sac as sauce.  It was similar to adobong pusit (squid cooked in vinegar and soy sauce) minus the sour taste.  All in all, the foods served were satisfying and delicious plus the rice was unlimited.

The restaurant has lots of waiters and waitresses that the service was really fast. They are also friendly and accommodating that even if they are busy attending to a lot of diners, they still have time to stop by our table and entertain our questions.  A group of waiters even sang a birthday song to our friend and gave her a free dessert when they knew that we were there to celebrate her birthday.

Their place is clean and well-lighted and a lot of old pictures of people (maybe family members) and old things (even a small typewriter)were displayed.  It made us feel at home and eating foods served from generation to generation. It was such a relaxing dining experience.

With regards to their prices, they are just reasonable and affordable.

This restaurant is really a must-try so if you crave for Filipino foods, go ahead and satisfy your cravings at Abe Restaurant.

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