Saturday, July 16, 2011

Citiseconline - My Online Stock Broker

Citiseconline is an online stock broker listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange and as of this writing, they rank 9th in PSE’s Brokers Ranking Report.

I learned about Citiseconline and stock market from Bro. Bo’s articles from Truly Rich Club so when I decided to start investing/trading in the stock market, I also tapped the services of Citiseconline as my online stock broker.

Now, after two years of being with Citiseconline, I am happy and contented with their service.  Their staff is accommodating … whether you call them, visit them at their office or e-mail them, you can always look forward for their quick response.

Citiseconline’s website is very user-friendly.  Before I opened an account with them, I tried their 7-day free trial and it didn’t take me long before I get used to their system.  Aside from the trading platform, their website also offers a lot of information which you can use for your trading/investing strategies. 

Citiseconline updates client’s record daily so you can always check your account and be assured that it is updated. 

Citiseconline offers free seminars which is very informative and helpful for new stock market investors/traders.

Since Citiseconline is an online stock broker, I can always check on my account anytime, anywhere as long as I have my internet connection.  I’m very grateful of their off-line transaction because even if the stock market is closed, I can still input my orders (buy or sell) and it will just be queued at the stock exchange the next day the market opens so even if I can’t be online when the market is open, I can still buy or sell my stocks as long as the prices reached the target I set.

So, if you are interested to invest in the stock market and you’re looking for a stock broker, I suggest you try Citiseconline.

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