Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cebu’s CnT Lechon

1/4 kilo CnT lechon
Cebu is known for their tasty and crispy roasted pig popularly known as lechon.  With my recent trip in Cebu City together with a friend, the first thing that we looked for is their lechon.  As soon as we have checked-in at our hotel, we asked the staff where we can find a place to eat lechon.  We don’t know any specific brand then so when the staff directed us to the nearest place where lechon is served (luckily it was just a walking distance away from our hotel), we immediately went there.

At first glance, the place is not so inviting.  You won’t know that there’s a restaurant at the second floor, thanks to the big letters written on the wall of the building which says “CnT Lechon”.

The ground floor of the building is used as parking space with a narrow ramp going to the second floor at the side.  We didn’t notice that it was the access going to the restaurant at the second floor, good thing there was a group of people who walked down that ramp.     

As soon as we reached the second floor, the delicious aroma of roasted pig greeted us and at the counter we see a long line of people waiting to get their order of lechon.  It’s a self-service restaurant where the main menu is lechon.  Half of the counter is a space dedicated for chopping lechon.  Two full length lechon are laid on the long table with a big wooden chopping board on the side and a weighing scale hanging from the roof.  Two women are doing the chopping and I was amazed at how energetic these women are despite their small physique.

Customers are waiting to get a portion of this yummy lechon
After standing in line for a while, we were able to get our order.  I ordered one-fourth kilo of lechon, 1 cup of rice and bottled water.  All in all, my bill was 124 pesos.

Our wait was worth it, CnT lechon really tastes delicious, the skin is so crispy and the meat is so tasty, tender and juicy.  I don’t need any sauce to make it taste better however there are portions which are salty but I don’t mind, I just took off those portions easily.

Another good thing about CnT lechon is that they have more branches which are accessible.  They have branches at the mall (SM Cebu and SM Ayala Center) but we love to visit their branch just across SM Cebu and Radisson Blu Hotel. 

So if you happen to visit Cebu, don’t forget to try CnT lechon.

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