Friday, March 4, 2011

Premier Expanded Health Package

Premier Expanded Health Package is a health package offered by Caritas Health Shield, Inc. which can be used only at CHSI accredited doctors, clinics and hospitals.  This health package is payable in 5 years and you can choose for a coverage of 6 or 10 years.   Depending on the plan and number of units you want to avail, the annual payment ranges from 15,408 pesos to 157,530 pesos.   This range is effective as of this writing. 

This health package offers the following benefits:

1.      Out-patient services at any diagnostic centers designated by CHSI which includes:
a.       up to 12 consultations per year
b.      up to 10 pre/post natal consultation per pregnancy
c.       treatment of minor injury or illness
d.      minor surgery (not requiring hospital facilities)
e.       eye, ear, nose and throat treatment

2.      Annual physical examination six(6) months after this policy takes effect at any diagnostic centers designated by CHSI.  The annual physical examination includes:
a.       taking of medical history
b.      medical examination
c.       chest X-Ray
d.      complete blood count
e.       fasting blood sugar
f.       urine and stool examination
g.      electrocardiogram (ECG) and pap smear for 35 years old and above

3.      Dental care at any dental clinics accredited by CHSI which includes:
a.       four consultations per year
b.      Annual oral prophylaxis (can be availed three(3) months after this policy takes effect)
c.       Tooth extraction
d.      Temporary filling
e.       Treatment of oral pain, lesions, wounds and burns

4.      Hospitalization benefits which have a maximum coverage depending on the number of units a member will avail.  This benefit includes:
a.       room and board
b.      services of an accredited physician or specialist
c.       laboratory and special diagnostic procedures such as X-ray, CT scan, basic mammography, 2D Echocardiography with Doppler, treadmill test, ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), EMG, Nuclear test and other procedures deemed appropriate by CHSI
d.      use of surgical or medical equipment and facilities
e.       administration of anesthesia and/or oxygen
f.       transfusion of hospital-provided whole blood or plasma
g.      dressing, plaster cast and other medical supplies
h.      prescribed drugs and medication used in the hospital

5.      Insurance which includes:
a.       Term life insurance amounting to the initial expanded benefit limit.  The expanded benefit limit referred here is the maximum amount a policy owner can avail, first year after the policy matures.
b.      Accidental life insurance amounting to the initial expanded benefit limit.
c.       Credit life insurance which will provide the health care benefits to the principal beneficiary once the policy holder dies.
d.      Waiver of installment balance in case of permanent disability of the policy holder.

6.      Others
a.       up to four(4) consultations per year at any designated clinics for one(1) pre-designated dependent.
b.      Discounts on non-covered health services at selected hospital, clinics, laboratories, drug stores or optical shops.
c.       A yearly increase of 5% or 8% with the initial expanded benefit limit will take effect from the first year of expanded period until such time when the policy will be terminated by the policy holder or when the maximum age is reached.
d.      The health benefits can be assigned up to a 2nd degree relative at the start of the expanded period of coverage.
e.       A money back guarantee equivalent to 70% of the initial expanded benefit limit can be claimed if you wish to terminate the policy after the coverage period.

This package was offered to me by CHSI when I inquired about their product.

What is good about this package is that there is a money back guarantee at the end of  the coverage period and you don’t have to cash-out if you will be hospitalized unless you exceed the maximum coverage of your plan.

The downside is that you are limited to the services of the accredited doctors, clinics and hospitals so before you avail of this package or other packages offered by CHSI, be sure to know first if the hospital or clinic near you is accredited by them.

For the list of hospitals, clinics, laboratory and dental clinics accredited by CHSI, click here and click on the "medical service network".

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